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  • Densitometry measurements as in the previous model:
    1. Optical density absolute or relative (minus paper).
    2. Difference of optical density.
    3. Real value of rasters (the dot gain, low and high rasters quality, etc).
    Yule-Nielsen factor for coated, uncoated, offset and newspront paper. User factor from 0.8 to 4.00.
    4. Dot gain for 25%, 50%, 80% with Murray-Davies formula.
    5. Contrast
    6. Trapping
    7. Hue error
    8. Grayness level

    with a choice of filters according to ANSI Status T, Status E, Status A according to DIN 16536, 16536NB (Narrow band 20nm) HiFi (Hexachrome - additionally Orange and Green).
    Measurement of the colour space CIE L*a*b*, L*u'v', L*C*H°, Yxy, XYZ, Hunter L*a*b*.
    Lighting (illuminant): A, C, E and D 75, D65, D55, D50, F2, F7, F11.
    Viewing Angle (Observer angle): CIE 2 ° or 10 °.
    Memory of 50 colour samples (expandable to 150).
    Pantone Solid Coated library.
    Powered with battery 6F22, 250-280 mAh as in the previous models; charger included.
    There are versions with polarizing filters. Menu in English, Polish.
    The two manuals are included (full and abbreviated), the calibration white chart, battery charger.
    Warranty: 1 year.
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