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  • 1997
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  • 1997
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  • Width 400 mm
    Max diameter unwinder 1270 mm
    Automatic control of tension
    Web aligner
    Machine can be used for fast print:
    -Notebooks - can be fast finished spiral, staples;
    -Direct mailing;
    -Pre-print forms for banks (offset paper), insurance companies (carbonless paper)&etc;
    -Cheap raw material - paper roll-print-cut sheet;
    -Cheap printing plate small size, thick 0.15;
    -HIGH SPEED - 180meters/minute;
    Reel - print 4 colors - cut sheet.
    If do not push (under pressure) printing unit(s) to print, machine will work reel to cut sheet, it's simple.
    About print of carton board, just need to set pressure of printing cylinder to carton board, like every normal printing press that can print different thickness...
    Here is 2 way for varnishing:
    1. Add varnishing unit:
    It's possible to add varnishing unit, but this is not enough, also need to add infra red dryer too,
    because the machine is high speed. Imer factory have very good after sales service, don't worry, if you want they will offer.
    2. Offline varnishing with additional sheet feed machine it's very easy&cheap.
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