MBO K 800.2/4-SKTLT


  • 1341537
  • 2011
  • Germania
  • Echipamente de legatorie/ finisare
  • Masini de lipit
  • MBO
  • MBO K 800.2/4-SKTLT

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  • 2011
  • width 80 cm
    age 2011
    Navigator control
    touch screen
    Rapidset - automatic size adjustment
    rotary feeder
    VIVAS (Vacubelt + Vacutable)
    ultra sound double sheet control
    4 folding pockets in the parallel fold section
    spiral folding rollers
    following knife shaft
    2 folding knives in the cross fold section
    following knife shaft
    window folding pocket
    1 additional folding pocket after the 1st cross fold
    1 additional folding pocket after the 2nd cross fold left
    without delivery
    operating hours 15.800
    new folding rollers in the parallel fold August 2014
    Ref: MB151043A

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  • 1341537
  • Euro 0
  • Germany
  • yes
  • Germania

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