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    Paint and register control panel integrated in the acceptance
    Semi-automatic mold change
    Komorimatic alcohol hydration with Technotrans refrigerator
    Automatic rubber flushing
    Automatic shaft washes
    Automatic Scanning Densitometer

    cascade vacuum side feeder
    vacuum tapes on the feed table
    electro-mechanical double sheet sensor
    Komorimatic humidification system with recirculation and cooling of the humidification solution
    PQC remote control system (ink supply control, remote axial, circumferential and diagonal register)
    CIP4 protocol support
    PDC-Lite scanning densitometer with automatic control system
    KPC automated plate changing system
    all automatic washes
    powder coating device
    BOS-1 touch control panel on reception
    IR drying integrated in the receiver
    standard acceptance
    Max. print speed sheets / h 13,000
    Number of Printed Sections five
    Max. sheet format mm 530x750
    Min sheet format mm 200x280
    Range of sheet thickness mm 0.035-0.45
    Max. print area mm 510x730
    Plate format mm 605x745
    Format of a blanket of mm 680x770
    Stacking height self-laying mm 800
    Receiving slipway height mm 600
    Total Sheet Counter 113,239,000
    Year of issue 2009
    Dimensions: Height mm 1 968
    Width mm 2,895
    Length mm 6,242
    Weight, kg 15 940
    Energy consumption (approximate) kW 32

    Semi-automatic curtain of forms
    Komorimatic humidification system
    Automatic blanket offset
    Preliminary peals
    Integrated Automatic Densitometric Density Meter
    There is technical documentation.

    The machine is in the printing house and can be tested
    Condition: very good
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