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Jetrion 4830


  • 1343067
  • 2011
  • Prague, Republica Ceha
  • Masini de tipar
  • Masini flexografice
  • Efi
  • Jetrion 4830

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  • 2011
  • 5
  • Used EFI Jetrion equipment
    UV inkjet printing
    Print resolution up to 720 dpi
    Xaar 1003 GS6 drop 6pl print heads
    5-color CMYK + W printing
    Maximum print width 210 mm
    Drying with the Honle UV lamp
    1kw material crowning system
    System of winding and unwinding of large rolls up to 2000 m, diameter up to 600 mm
    Upgrade with an antistatic system that allows you to maintain high printing speed without defects, the so-called Ghosts
    Print speeds up to 36 MB / min
    Web-guiding system
    Designed for business continuity and 24-hour production capacity
    Print heads in very good condition
    Printing on original inks
    Efi Fiery rip station with the machine
    Regularly serviced
    The machine is in continuous production
  • 1343067
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