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115 XT - AT


  • 1343127
  • 2004
  • Prague, Republica Ceha
  • Echipamente de legatorie/ finisare
  • Ghilotine
  • Polar
  • 115 XT - AT

Vezi Detalii Polar 115 XT - AT

  • 2004
  • Used Polar High-speed cutting equipment
    Max width: 115cm
    Programmable top-of-the-line model with 15 inc colour display and touch-screen for sophisticated cutting jobs, offering specifical programmable parameters, label and distortion correction.
    Features: frequency-controlled back gauge speed, programmable back gauge speed and ramps, automatic dimensional setting by program control, nickel-refined tables surfaces ,
    program memory, quick information for symbols
    process visualization, programmable additional functions,
    safety clamping pressure, menu-driven Opti Knife knife change
    automatic knife ready/active, maintenance cut counter
    special machine diagnostic service program, hydraulic clutch and clamping, adjustable program and step parameters, block programming with graphic operator guidance, repeat calculator with operator guidance, clamping without cut, programmable
    - Pallet Loader - Polar LW-1004-4
    - Automatic jogger (Vibrating Table) Polar RA-4
  • 1343127
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